Our Pizza is based on a Neapolitan / New York Style of pizza common in and around New Haven, Connecticut often referred to as APIZZA (pronounced AH-BEETZ). Apizza is set apart from other styles of pizza by it’s thin crust, crispy but yet tender texture and oven char.

We make our pizza dough and shred our mozzarella fresh each and everyday. Our pizza sauce is as simple as it gets, just our special blend of imported tomatoes. Our toppings are a perfect balance of fresh local vegetables which are delivered to us daily along with the highest quality of meats the industry has to offer.

You can choose one of our Specialty Pizzas or create your own using our Freshest and highest quality toppings. Should you prefer you pie lighter or darker, thicker or thinner than our standard, just let us know…

“Thank you for making us your neighborhood pizzeria!”